Argus - Alarm Aggregation and Correlation Tool

Argus is a tool for NOCs and service centers to aggregate incidents from all their monitoring applications into a single, unified dashboard and notification system. Most NOCs will, out of necessity, use a myriad of applications to monitor their infrastructure and services. In turn, they need to contend with manually managing notification profiles and monitoring dashboards in each individual application. Argus mitigates these scenarios by providing the NOC with a singular overview of actionable incidents, and by providing a single point of notification configuration.

Argus - Alarm Aggregation and Correlation Tool

Argus is agnostic of the details of each monitoring application, but instead provides a REST API to report new incidents, and to search, fetch or update the status of already registered incidents. Glue services for several source applications already exist, and more can be easily written using the documented API and/or existing API client libraries for Python. Incidents are associated with a source application and can be tagged with arbitrary metadata from the source application, including URLs to drill down into incident details in the source application. Metadata can be used to make arbitrary incident filters, which can be applied both in the dashboard UI and in notification profiles. Mechanisms also exist to add acknowledgements to incidents, and to link incidents with tickets in the NOC’s ticketing application. The data model even supports registering inter-relationships between incidents. Notifications via e-mail and SMS are supported, while more mediums are planned (such as Slack and Microsoft Teams).

Argus has been proven useful in providing a distinct interface between individual product teams and the organization’s NOC when it comes to defining which monitoring alerts should be handled by the NOC, and which ones the product teams will handle themselves. Argus is open source and is mainly developed by resources from Sikt (Norway), and is currently in production use at Sikt and SUNET (Sweden).

Argus explained

This short video provides an introduction to Argus and shows how it can help your NOC teams manage and control alarms and alerts in their environment.



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Argus was presented at the: 27th STF meeting in Zürich (October 2022); Argus Infoshare (November 2022); Infoshare "Offering Campus Network Management as a Service: Challenges and Lessons Learnt" (October 2020); Workshop on Network Monitoring and Management Tools (March 2021); GÉANT Infoshare "Tools for Campus Network Management as a Service (CNaaS) (April 2021)"; 14th SIG-NOC meeting (June 2021), and the 25th STF meeting (February 2022).


Argus Codebase

Argus Frontend

Poster presented at TNC22

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Argus is supported by Sikt on a best-effort basis, with funding from GÉANT.

Aggregated Alarm Screen

Aggregated Alarm Screen

Message Detail and Action Screen

Message Detail and Action Screen
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