GÉANT Point-to-Point Services

High-performance interconnectivity for the most demanding networking requirements

​For when shared IP services can't provide the capacity or performance needed, GÉANT's point-to-point services provide the perfect solution.

GÉA​​NT Plus​

The GÉANT Plus serv​​ice allows national research and education networking (NREN) organisations to request point-to-point Ethernet circuits between end-points at GÉANT PoPs (p​oints of presence). Circuits can be established​ to any European NREN.​​​

GÉA​​N​T​ Lamb​​d​a​

GÉANT Lambda provides full wavelengths at up to 100Gbps to support NREN users with particularly demanding network requirements. The service provides transparent 100Gbps wavelengths between GÉANT PoPs. GÉANT Lambda services can be provided unprotected or restored using GMPLS (Generalised Multiprotocol Label Switching) signalling.

GÉANT Guaranteed Bandwidth Service

GÉANT Guaranteed Bandwidth Service appears to its private users as a private Layer 2 circuit using dedicated physical interfaces at the edges of the GÉANT . This combines the privacy and availability advantages of a private circuit with the cost efficiency of a shared network. This service is very useful for projects with participants in multiple locations who wish to cooperate as if they were operating over the same local network.

GÉAN​​T Open

GÉANT Open allows NRENs and approved commercial organisations to exchange connectivity in a highly efficient and flexible manner.​ The service uses shared facilities to which all users can connect their own circuits at either 100Gbps or 10Gbps, and they can then request interconnections with any other participant to provide inter-organisation connectivity.​​

As a first within the European research and education community, approved commercial organisations will be able to connect to GÉANT Open. This will help research and education users to access a wide variety of commercial third parties as part of private-public research projects.​​​

At a glan​​ce​​​​​


Ideally suited to major international projects, Point-to-Point services offer a high performance networking solution.

Key Facts​​

Capacities between 10Gbps and 100Gbps provide flexible and cost effective connectivity.

The network is managed 24*7 by a dedicated management team to ensure availability and reliability.​​


GÉANT Plus Service Description April 2022

GÉANT Lambda Service Description April 2022

GÉANT Guaranteed Bandwidth Service Description April 2022

GÉANT Open Service Description April 2022

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