Providing high-bandwidth, high-speed international connectivity for millions of academic user​s

GÉANT IP provides general-purpose IP transit for national research and education networking (NREN) organisations and other approved research and education partners and providers. Its core function is to provide a private service for IP (internet protocol) traffic that is separated from general-purpose access to the internet.​ Wor​king at speeds of up to 100Gbps, GÉANT IP provides core connectivity that supports in​ter-NREN con​​nectivity​​.

​GÉANT IP features


​The capacity available to each NREN depends on the capacity at the nearest GÉANT IP PoP (point of presence), or the available capacity of dedicated circuits between the NREN access e​quipment and the GÉANT IP PoP.

Capacity is available at the following rates:

  • On-fibre NRENs: 10–100Gbps: 10Gbps increments.
  • Off-fibre NRENs: dependant on what is locally available.​


GÉANT peering pr​​ovides NRENs with a high-performance, highly resilient peering facility, allowing access to a wide range​​ of commercial network and cloud service providers. Currently GÉANT is peering up to 100Gbps of traffic between NRENs and commercial networks. ​It is offered as part of the GÉANT IP service to NRENs who wish to enable peering access across the GÉANT IP backbone.

Commercial service providers wishing to discuss direct peering agreements with GÉANT should contact us at info@geant.org.​​

GÉAN​T W​​orld S​​​ervic​​e

​GÉANT World Service (GWS) provides commodity IP access, offering access to the wider, commercial internet. It is ideal for NRENs that wish to take advantage of competitive costs, those that do not wish to organise an individual connection to an ISP (internet service provider), or those that are keen to diversify their existing commodity IP access.

With full BGP (border gateway protocol) routing, IPv4 and IPv6 support, and capacities from 1Gbps to 10Gbps, GWS can offer NRENs great flexibility in their provision of internet access to their users.​


As an IP transit service, GÉANT IP provides no access control or security services. Access control and security are the responsibility of the NRENs. GÉANT IP offers a neutral IP routing facility, meaning there are no constraints imposed by the GÉANT network on access control, protocol or interdomain routing.

​​​The GÉANT IP service can be accessed by members of the GÉANT consortium and is co-funded by the payment of an annual subscription. Access is available to non-consortium NRENs only by special agreement.​

​​To learn about acces​sing GÉANT IP services in your country, refer to your national NREN. Visit the partners page for links to GÉANT's NREN partners.​​​​

At a glan​​ce​​​​​


GÉANT IP is used by European NRENs to provide high performance interconnectivity for Institutions, Researchers and Research Projects to both European and Worldwide research resources.

Key Facts​​

Speeds of up to 100Gbps are available to ensure maximum performance.​

The network is managed 24*7 by a dedicated management team to ensure availability and reliability.​​


GEANT IP Service Description March 2024

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