NMaaS - How it works

NMaaS uses a secure shared cloud platform managed by GÉANT. Each user has a separate NMaaS instance connected via a VPN to their managed network infrastructure. This VPN extends the NMaaS instance into the network to allow network management traffic to transverse the network as if the management systems were internal to the network.

Devices and services can be "found" using the auto-discover tools or added manually.

Users can use the dedicated web portal to view their own service instance.

NMaaS Benefits

This approach provides key benefits to the users:

The cloud based platform infrastructure reduces start-up costs and management overhead.

Each management instance is separated within the platform by design to maintain isolation. This allows institutions and projects to manage separate infrastructure.

Uses VPN technology to incorporate management platform instance into network instance.

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Want to know more about NMaaS? Download the NMaaS presentation pdf.

NMaaS Presentation 20211011


NMaaS Overview

NMaaS Prometheus Deployment


Download the NMaaS Deliverable document
D8.7 Network Management as a Service Production Service

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