TimeMap - Open-source Latency/Jitter Measurement Service

TimeMap is an open-source weather map-like platform which provides per-segment latency/jitter measurements on a network. TimeMap is especially important for low latency applications, as they require limited latency and jitter and is therefore extremely important for network engineers to be able to monitoring and identify any changes in these network parameters in the network.

The TimeMap service includes:

  • Providing software to gather, store and visualise latency and jitter measurements from the network devices.
  • Providing support to teams that are implementing TimeMap in their network.

TimeMap deployed on the GÉANT backbone network is available at https://timemap.geant.org/.

Authentication is done via eduGAIN federated login. An interactive visualisation of the gathered measurement data is available through the TimeMap dashboard. The system is implemented using Telegraf, InfluxDB, and Grafana.


TimeMap users can be structured in two groups - primary and secondary users.

Primary users are those that will use the software provided by the TimeMap team, install it in their environment, maintain the installation and support secondary users. Primary TimeMap users are:

  • Network operators

Secondary TimeMap users are those that are looking at the TimeMap graphical user interface and using the TimeMap measurement results. Secondary TimeMap users are:

  • NRENs and service providers network operations teams to monitoring latency and jitter on links in their network backbone.
  • Low latency application developers and users.
  • Universities that can use data for their scientific work
  • The GÉANT Community.



Find Out More

Visit the Timemap Wiki.


Documentation related to TimeMap is available here:


This repository contains the sources and the configuration files to set up the TimeMap monitoring service, as well as:

  • User guide
  • Admin guide
  • Customisation guide

Contact Us

Request for support can be sent to timemap@lists.geant.org and will be addressed during official working hours.

Timemap Map Display

Timemap Map Display

Timemap Link Analysis

Timemap Link Analysis

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