What Sets GÉANT Apart

GÉANT prides itself on providing what commercial operators cannot: a high-speed network that pushes the boundaries of networking technology whilst delivering a cost-effective, pan-European infrastructure. Large research projects rely on GÉANT for outstanding service availability and service quality.

A separate ultra-high-speed internet, just for research and education​


Over 4,000 terabytes o​​f data are transferred every day via the GÉANT IP backbone.  ​

​Total ​​reliabil​​ity

100% average monthly access availability​.


Services and infrastructure can be tailored to individual user requirements.​

Capacity and rapid upscale

100Gbps (gigabits per second) services​ are now available across the core network, with a network design that will support up to 8Tbps (terabits per second), ensuring the network remains ahead of user demand and the data deluge.

Efficient operations

The dedicated GÉANT Operations Centre ensures 99% of cases are reported within 15 minutes of any outage being detected, leading to rapid resolution.​


A wide range of services including IP and dedicated circuits, testbeds and virtualised resources, authentication and roaming, monitoring and troubleshooting, advisory and support services.​

​GÉANT continues to innovate and evolve to define the state-of-the-art and stay ahead of exponentially growing data needs for the benefit of research and education worldwide.​

“Today it would not be possible to work without the network that GÉANT and the NRENs have provided.”

CMS experiment, Large Hadr​on Collider (LHC)



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