What is GN4-3N
GÉANT is undertaking the most signi­ficant refresh of the GÉANT network in a decade, with an ambitious project designed to support the needs of Europe's research and education community for the next 15 years.

An ambitious restructuring of the backbone network operated by GÉANT will bring an equivalent network experience for all partners regardless of location, addressing Europe’s digital divide and providing new opportunities for partners.

The GN4 Phase 3 Network project (GN4-3N) will greatly improve the underlying infrastructure of the ­fibre and optical system, with the fi­bre network extended well beyond its current reach. This involves restructuring the GÉANT backbone network through exploration and procurement of long-term Indefeasible Rights of Use (IRUs), leased lines and associated equipment, serving the GÉANT partner NRENs and providing interconnectivity to the global research and education community.

GN4-3N’s mission is to deliver unconstrained access at higher minimum capacity thresholds, the highest levels of security across the network, and equal access for all partners to clouds and other services in the European research area and beyond.

It will also increase the network footprint, future-proof connection speeds and stimulate the market in cross-border communications infrastructure.
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