GÉANT Operations Centre​ (GOC)

Supporting network and service delivery round the clock.

Day-to-day management of the GÉANT network is handled by the Operations Centre (GOC). The GOC acts as a first point of contact for its subscribers and other NOCs (network operations centres). It:

  • receives reports of service problems;
  • diagnoses network problems;
  • oversees repairs and corrective maintenance;
  • resolves issues pertaining to the network and supported services and assists as required;
  • monitors network health;
  • creates tickets for network incidents and planned maintenance.

The GÉANT Operations Centre is active 24x7x365 (366 in a leap year!) days per year. The GOC has a particular responsibility for the support of GÉANT multi-domain services, i.e. those services that span several national networks and GÉANT. In this capacity the GOC ensures the reliable and ongoing operation of those central systems and processes which underpin the multi-domain services.

The GOC also provides 24×7 support for the EUMEDCONNECT and EaPConnect network infrastructures.

Operational ne​​twork management

The GÉANT Operations Centre is one of the​ specialist teams within the operations department, which handles the coordination and execution of GÉANT’s operational service provision.

Provision of the GÉANT network is a large and complex international service supporting a wide range of users and projects across Europe and the rest of the world. Many of the technologies used by these projects are at the leading edge of high performance networking. GÉANT engineers work closely with the technology providers to develop support and management systems to operate this network and the services on it.

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