The GÉANT Network Tech​​nology

As one of the largest and most complex research and education networks in the world, the GÉANT network needs to support a diverse range of users and services from standard IP transit services to ultra-high capacity data centre interconnects. GÉANT has​ built a dual layer network able to integrate these service demands across a single core structure. The two layers are​: transmission and packet.
GÉANT has​ built a dual layer network able to
integrate these service demands across a
single core structure.

Transmission layer

This is built on the dark fibre core of the network, either on GÉANT points of presence (PoPs) or on leased wavelengths from commercial providers or national research and education networking (NREN) organisations. GÉANT uses industry-leading Infinera DTN-X equipment to light this fibre, a cutting-edge optical transmission equipment that integrates hundreds of optical components on a single chip to deliver 500G super-channels. GÉANT employs Infinera DTN-X boxes and optical amplifiers to drive the fibre backbone​. The DTN-X also includes an integrated OTN switching layer with a GMPLS control plane which allows rapid provision of bandwidth and fast capacity restoration in the case of fibre cuts. The Infinera equipment is used to deliver GÉANT Lambda services and IP trunks between the GÉANT routers.

Packet layer

The packet layer is a converged layer that supports both Layer2 and Layer3 services.  This means that we offer both Ethernet connections (GÉANT Plus) and IP services on this layer. GÉANT implements the packet layer with Juniper MX equipment. MX is a carrier grade router which supports labels switching (MPLS), router virtualisation and more. The GÉANT Plus service is delivered using MPLS technology in the MXs. IP services include: GÉANT IP, Layer 3 VPN, GÉANT World Service, peering service.​

The Illustris Simulation

“With so much data and so many researchers needing to collaborate seamlessly, reliable and high-capacity bandwidth was critical. GÉANT and its NREN partners provided the fast and convenient 500G bandwidth that helped us realise the most ambitious project of this kind ever seen.”

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